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What To Do When Your Bathroom Old Plumbing Breaks

Don’t Let Broken Plumbing

There comes a time in many homes, perhaps yours, when that old bathroom plumbing is just too tired and too worn out to work properly. Completely remodeling your bathroom may not be on your list of things to do right now, however, if your plumbing starts to break down, you should get it fixed right away and avoid any disasters. Typically, when plumbing pipes are updated, it is part of a larger project. So, if those pipes are knocking and fixtures are leaking, it’s a sign that you should replace those old fixtures and upgrade your plumbing, too.

Here at Henco Plumbing Services, Vancouver WA, we specialize in bathroom plumbing replacement and repipe. We also install fixtures like sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers. Call us at 360-773-8039 to set up an appointment so we can come to you, inspect your bathroom plumbing and fix your plumbing problems. When you call: ASK ABOUT OUR FINANCING PROGRAM!

Here’s information from Trusted Pros about bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation: Bathroom Plumbing Material Choices

Unless your bathroom renovation is purely cosmetic in nature, bathroom plumbing may very well be part of your project requirements. Depending upon the age of your home, you will be working with one of the following type pipes: plastic PVC (ABS or CPVC), copper, galvanized iron, or cast iron.
If plumbing will be part of your bathroom renovation design, this would be the perfect time to replace old plumbing with new. This would avoid the possible inconvenience and costs incurred by a bathroom plumbing problem at a later time.
Bathroom renovation cost, tools, materials, time involvement, and project complexity will be determined not only by the extent of your bathroom renovation, but also by the type pipe used in plumbing.
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Are you interested in seeing a bathroom drain pipe sink trap replacement? If you think it looks easy, go ahead and try it yourself. However, if a bathroom DIY project is not something you want to take on, contact Henco Plumbing. We’ll repair or replace your bathroom plumbing pipes and fixtures for you.

Video: Bathroom Drain Pipe – Replace A Sink Trap

Got plumbing worries? If your saying, “how can I fix my bathroom plumbing?” or “who can fix my bathroom plumbing?” – the answer is – Call Henco Plumbing Services at 360-773-8039. Need some expert advice on bathtub installation? Our colleagues at Edmond Bathtub Refinishing have some excellent information on bathroom plumbing installation.

How-To: Bathtub Plumbing Installation

Bathtub Plumbing Installation Drain Diagrams

Here are a few bathtub drain schematics and bathtub plumbing diagrams. Fairly simple drain system. If you have to hold your drain lever down for the tub to drain it is more than likely the tension spring on the back of the overflow plate. You can replace just this plate at your hardware store for a few dollars.

Frozen drain levers are usually from the corroded bucket gate at the bottom. If you can pry up the bucket with the attached rod, you may be able to clean it up.

Sometimes drains become really difficult to remove and require a friction drain removal tool. These are handy when the inside cross piece of the drain is broken off or has corroded away.

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Need help with your bathroom plumbing? Give us a call at 360-773-8039 or Email Us and we can schedule an appointment to review your current plumbing situation. Then we’ll provide you with an accurate and affordable estimate for any necessary repairs. Yes! We do have FINANCING available, so please ask. If you are considering a complete bathroom make over, we can certainly help with that as well. We are local – located in Vancouver Washington and licensed and insured. All our technicians are journeyman plumbers. We are highly rated and reviewed, also. Our team will do the job right the first time and we’ll clean up after ourselves when we finish your project.

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