Commercial Water Heater Installation
Gas and Electric


Whether establishing a new business or renovating older building facilities for commercial purposes, Vancouver business owners will see substantial benefits from a new water heater installation. These companies depend heavily on having a plumbing system in pristine operation. The heart of these utility systems lies within the water heater itself. With the water heater being in constant use to deliver the hot water throughout the building, it is no wonder that the water heater can wear out under normal conditions.

Gas and Electric Commercial Water Heater Replacement

Henco Plumbing Services has leading water heater contractors on staff that specialize in commercial units. These professionals provide the business owner with a wide range of water heater replacement units to meet their company’s diverse needs. commercial water heater repair contractors in vancouver wa by Henco Plumbing ServicesSome of the commercial entities throughout Vancouver and surrounding communities of Washington that have found water heater replacement services to be of benefit to their company’s operation include:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical care and dental care facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Multi-unit residential buildings
  • Factories and industries
  • Retail establishments and shopping centers
  • Government buildings
  • Office buildings

Professional Water Heater Contractors

When having water heater installation services completed, it is important to area businesses to have a minimal disruption to their everyday business practices. Henco Plumbing Services water heater contractors understand that these businesses are at risk of losing money should their services be interrupted. The technicians performing the water heater installation will work in a well-organized manner that leaves the work space safe and presentable when possible.

commercial water heater repair contractors in vancouver wa by Henco Plumbing ServicesCommon problems with existing plumbing systems which alert to the need for a water heater replacement include:

  • Noticeable change in hot water temperature
  • Leaks from the water heater tank
  • Non-lighting pilot
  • Water heater noises
  • Loss of hot water pressure

Henco Plumbing Services water heater contractors are constantly educating themselves on the new and improved water heating systems that are made available to commercial businesses. Their knowledge and expertise gives the business owner the ability to make the most informed decisions as to which water heating unit will deliver the best results. To ensure that the water heater stays in prime operational condition, the contract does provide maintenance and care instructions, as well as a maintenance plan of action.