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Vancouver is home to many major businesses that span all industry sectors. These companies depend on their water heaters to perform at their peak to deliver the diverse services they offer. The amount of constant use the water heaters go through puts these plumbing appliances under a great amount of stress on a regular basis. Henco Plumbing Services understands the need for businesses to have water heater services that ensure continued use as required.

Commercial Water Heater Maintenance

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commercial water heater repair contractors in vancouver wa by Henco Plumbing ServicesCommercial water heaters build up with sediment much more quickly than residential units. The water heater services offered through Henco Plumbing Services provide for the removal of this debris, allowing the water heater to function at its full capacity without putting strain on its internal components. By performing maintenance services on the water heater, technicians can also provide a visual inspection of the water heater and see any problems that may be affecting its performance.

Companies in Vancouver and surrounding Washington communities that utilize natural gas water heaters may be surprised to find that these units are susceptible to letting off carbon monoxide gases. The harmful gases can jeopardize the health and well-being of anyone present in the facilities. With proper access to water heater repair services available when the maintenance services are performed, the likelihood of these issues arising are greatly reduced.

When performing water heater repair services, Henco Plumbing Services technicians secure the work area. Their method of service allows for the safety of anyone present within the facilities. All clean-up services are completed at the end of the project.

Emergency Water Heater Repair

The majority of emergency water heater repair needs encountered by local businesses do not occur during traditional hours of operation. Should a business throughout Vancouver or local Washington communities find that the operation of their water heater is in jeopardy, the technicians of Henco Plumbing Services are available to help. These technicians work quickly to get the situation under control when emergency water heater repair calls come in. If the current water heater is unable to be repaired or it is in the best interests of the company, the technician does have the knowledge and expertise to offer new units that will be more satisfactory to the company’s needs.

commercial water heater repair contractors in vancouver wa by Henco Plumbing ServicesHenco Plumbing Services have the ability to meet the requirements and regulations related to water heater services placed on industries such as:

Hotels and motels
Schools and universities
Medical care facilities
Nursing homes
Retail establishments
Shopping centers
Daycare centers

Whether seeking regular maintenance to prevent the need for water heater repairs or encountering emergency water heater repair services, businesses will experience firsthand the dedication that Henco Plumbing Services has for meeting their needs. The company performs every plumbing service required to keep businesses operating at their best.