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Kitchen Sink Repair

For most people the kitchen is the center point of the home. The kitchen is used for cooking, eating, storing food and utensils; it is basically the hub of many families daily activities. If your kitchen sink is broken, your kitchen is broken. Kitchen sink repair can take a few minutes to replace a washer or it can take weeks to replace a kitchen sink with a matching model or replace that old kitchen sink with a significant remodel.

When and why should you replace your kitchen sink? Are you planning for a remodeling to beautify your kitchen area? Or is your sink broken, leaking, or not delivering water properly? When you need a professional plumbing service or if you’re searching for “kitchen sink repair near me”, call Henco Plumbing Services, Vancouver WA, at 360-773-8039 for rapid, efficient sink repair or replacement.

Not sure if you need a new kitchen sink? Here’s information from Bell Solutions to help you in your decision making process

Should I Replace the Kitchen Sink During a Remodel?

A kitchen remodel is one of the best single-room remodeling jobs you can have done for a home. Revamping a kitchen to modernize it, change the layout, update the plumbing, and re-do the cabinets and countertops is a great way to enhance a room that’s central to your life, and often central to everyone in your household. A revitalized kitchen will revitalized a home.

There are many tasks you can have taken care of during a kitchen remodel, and you’ll need to decide where you want to prioritize. You may be interested in putting in new appliances and eliminating old ones, such as taking out a trash compactor to fit in a larger refrigerator. Or maybe you are focused on replacing aging plumbing. But one improvement to which you should give serious consideration, no matter what your general plans are, is replacing the sink.

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You may be in a situation where the garbage disposal under your kitchen sink is not working properly. This can impact your water drainage, causing a clogged drain. This may result in standing water in your sink as a result of slow drainage. The following material from The Kitchen Blog discusses this problem and offers solutions.

The Facts About Fat, Oil And Grease Disposal In Your Kitchen

Many people do not know the far reaching impact of the incorrect disposal of certain kitchen waste. Disposing of large amounts of fat oil or grease, also commonly known as FOG straight down a drain can cause many issues, starting in your kitchen. This article will help you understand the problems which can occur and how they can be prevented.

Your kitchen

You can cause yourself a lot of trouble in your home by pouring fat oil or grease products straight down your sink. These sorts of products do not mix with water and other liquids as their components are insoluble. As they cool they will solidify. They will then start to stick to the sides of pipes, slowly building up over time. Other solid items can also get caught up in the FOG like coffee granules or small food particles.

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Remember, dumping grease oil, and other noxious liquids, or semi liquids, down your kitchen sink drain can result in serious damage to your garbage disposal and create a major drain clog and this can require a major kitchen sink repair.

Video: Here’s a video that demonstrates a kitchen sink replacement.

If your kitchen sink is not working properly and you feel you can repair it yourself, here is information from the Admiral Plumbing Services‘ blog to help you with your do-it-yourself project. Once again, you need to be aware that your garbage disposal and your kitchen sink are so closely combined that they might as well be a single unit.

5 Sink Plumbing Problems You Can Repair Yourself

If “everything but the kitchen sink” is your motto when it comes to household DIY work, we’ve got you covered. It’s important to have a local plumber’s number on speed dial in case you need major repairs for your home’s plumbing. However, there are some issues you may be able to resolve on your own.

#1: A Jammed Garbage Disposal

The kitchen garbage disposal is actually a bit more complex than it may seem. There are no sharp blades inside, as you may expect, but an impeller and grind ring to grind down particles rather than cut them up. For this reason, repairing the inner components of the garbage disposal is a job for a plumber, but one repair is simple enough for anyone to make.

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Whether you need a kitchen sink repair or a kitchen sink replacement, Henco Plumbing Services can help. We’re experienced with simple repairs as well as full kitchen plumbing remodel installations. We perform kitchen sink repairs for older homes, plus we also perform full kitchen sink and garbage disposal installations in brand new homes for building contractors, too. No matter what the kitchen sink issue you may be having right now, Call Henco Plumbing Services at 360-773-8039 so we can schedule an appointment right away. We will inspect your plumbing then give you an accurate quote for services that will fix your kitchen sink plumbing. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and all our technicians are journeymen plumbers. Yes! We do offer a 100% workmanship guarantee for all our projects.

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