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Read This Before You Start Remodeling Your Kitchen Plumbing

Construct a Plan

Have you ever heard the phrase, “prior planning prevents disasters”? Installing new plumbing fixtures, like a new kitchen sink, or a garbage disposal can be time consuming and costly if not performed properly. At best, the new fixtures won’t work. Perhaps the new faucet doesn’t draw water properly, or it leaks around the edges. Maybe the sink won’t drain adequately. These problems will take up a lot of time and often, a lot of money. Worst case scenario you could end up with a flood in your kitchen. Here is information on what you can do when replacing kitchen plumbing to get the best results

This guide from The Sunny Plumber will help get you started.

Plumbing Installation to Consider For Your Kitchen

Your plumbing system is central to the many tasks in your kitchen, but a few improvements could make cooking and cleaning even simpler. A professional plumber can help you to choose a plumbing installation that can improve productivity and the design of your kitchen.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals have mechanical components that wear down over time. Your older unit will need replacement eventually, so why not upgrade now? A newer unit may have greater horsepower in order to more effectively break down food. When the food scraps that move down your pipes are too large, they may become trapped along with fats and oils, blocking the pipes and potentially causing waste to backup into your home. If your unit seems to be slowing down, it may not do its job effectively, so don’t wait to call a plumber for replacement.

New Sink

A new sink may make your kitchen look more pleasant, or it could create a more efficient space for you to clean and prepare food. Whatever your needs may be in the kitchen, a new sink can make a wealth of difference. You may choose a deeper bowl or you may decide on a sink with two bowls instead of one. When you choose professional installation, a technician can help you find a new sink that makes cleanup move more quickly or gives you a larger space to work with in the kitchen.

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Now that you have some start up information for your kitchen plumbing remodel, let’s take a look at the utilities that are used utilities to get your plumbing up and working properly. The DIYnetwork has an interesting article with detailed instructions and explanations for the utilities that you might be needing.

Planning Around Utilities During a Kitchen Remodel

One of the first steps in a kitchen remodel is determining what type of utilities you will need and their location. Find out how to plan for utility placement and what steps you’ll need to take after that.

If you are going to keep the layout of a new kitchen similar to that of the old one, this will cut down on a lot of work. However, in most cases some rerouting of utilities will be necessary. The main issues to consider are outlined below.

Natural Gas or Propane

Consider whether the position of any existing gas pipes needs rerouting or adjusting. When purchasing new gas appliances, check where the connections are. In some situations, the supply pipes may need to be converted. Ask an appliance installer or other qualified professional to hook up new gas appliances.

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The video below demonstrates kitchen remodeling installation. You may not have a plumber in the family, so this kind of project may require a professional.

Sometimes your project may hit a few snags along the way. The Plumbing Info blog has plenty of material about plumbing projects. This article discusses four problems that can occur during a kitchen plumbing remodel, focusing on the kitchen sink. Obviously, a poor kitchen sink installation can be a real problems, so you want to be sure to get the best installation possible to prevent future issues.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing 101: 4 Common Problems and How to Solve Them

When it comes to plumbing a kitchen sink, most of us feel hopeless, and we tend to seek help from experienced plumbers. Even though sometimes this is the only solution, there are certain kitchen sink plumbing problems that you can solve by yourself.

The Most Common Kitchen Sink Plumbing Issues

1. Low Water Pressure

weak stream of water means that your skin is experiencing a low water pressure. Usually, the main cause is a clogged aerator. This usually happens because of dissolved minerals like calcium building up in the small openings in the aerator. If you have hard water or water with a high mineral count you run the risk of having a continuous clogged aerator. Remove the aerator and place in a small plastic container filled with white vinegar for 6 hours or so. Remove and reinstall. Your aerator should work like new. Your water pressure may also be poor due to low pressure in your home or clogged water piping due to debris in the water lines. In both the latter cases contact your local plumbing professional for advice.

2. Leaky Kitchen Faucet

It is true that a leaky kitchen faucet might require a professional’s solution. However, feel free to check to see if the cause is a simple common problem before calling a plumber. Discover where the leaking comes from. For example, if it begins near the spout’s base, it might be a damaged O-ring seal. This kitchen sink plumbing issue has an increased appearance rate when the sink is old or worn out. Whenever you check your sink or water lines for different malfunctions, remember to turn off the water first.

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This article pointed out that you can, sometimes, solve your plumbing issues yourself. Small problems, like washers or tiny parts are fairly easy to replace yourself. For these small problems, take a few minutes to see if you can handle them yourself.

There are times when, no matter how diligent you may be, that kitchen plumbing project just doesn’t go as well as you want. Henco Plumbing Services, LLC, specializes in the installation of all types of plumbing including new kitchen remodeling. Make sure you give us a call at 360-773-8039 before you purchase new plumbing fixtures, like sinks, garbage disposals, and faucets. We can help you choose the right fixtures for you new kitchen, update any plumbing pipes requires servicing and make certain your new plumbing works perfectly.

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