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Henco Plumbing Services, your Vancouver WA Plumber, can fix your plumbing problems.

What Services Does Your Plumber Provide?

We receive a lot of questions about services we provide for our customers here in Vancouver Washington. As a licensed plumber and as a licensed plumbing contractor, Henco Plumbing Services can provide you with a full range of plumber services. From replacing fixtures, like faucets, to the big projects, like sewer or water line repipes, we have the Journeyman plumbers who can do the job. If you need any plumbing services, Call Henco Plumbing at (360)773-8039 so we can start helping you right away. Here’s more information about some of the services plumbers provide for their customers.

Types Of Residential Plumbing Services

Don’t hesitate to call an expert plumber in Singapore if you ever encounter these ten common plumbing problems at home.

1. Replacement of Old Plumbing

At some point in the future, you will need to replace your faucets, pipes, and some parts of the toilet. Not only will the replacement of old parts prevent major emergency plumbing repairs, but you will also save money and prevent structural damage to your home. Hidden leaks can eventually destroy the walls, floors, and ceiling of your home, an accident that you could have prevented by simply calling for the nearest plumbing services company (like Henco Plumbing Services).

2. Drain Cleaning Services

Drains also need to be cleaned regularly even if you take care not to pour oil, debris, and dirt down the bathroom and kitchen drains. The accumulation of debris can also produce a foul odor and even create leaks if they are not addressed. Consult a plumbing contractor to determine how often your home needs drain cleaning services from one of their plumbers.

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As you can see from the information above, there are a number of services a plumber, like Henco Plumbing Services can provide residential customers in the Vancouver WA area. Drain cleaning and clogged drains and sewer pipes can be a big issue here in the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in finding and repairing clogged drains and sewer pipes. We can also provide the latest technology for trenchless sewer line repair and sewer line repipe.

Here’s a video of the Henco Plumbing Services team performing a sewer line repipe for a Vancouver, Washington customer.


The following provides information from Bradbury Brothers about just some of our commercial plumber services here in Vancouver Washington.

What Your Commercial Plumber Can Do?

Here are some examples of what your commercial plumbing professional should be able to inspect, maintain, and repair:

  • Backflow prevention equipment – Many cities require the installation of a backflow preventor at each cross-connection point.
  • Faucets – Large businesses need more than one type of faucet, and those faucets should be able to handle hundreds to thousands of gallons of water per day.
  • Sump pump – A commercial sump pump is the “last line of defense” for flood prevention, so your commercial plumbing service should offer routine inspection and maintenance.
  • Toilets – Commercial toilets have many users and abusers, and should be able to accommodate much more water usage.
  • Water heaters – Water heaters for commercial businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Usage and capacity, type of heating fuel, location and storage are all factors in choosing the right type of commercial water heater.

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Whenever you need plumber services, Call the Henco Plumbing Services team at (360)773-8039 for rapid services. We are local, licensed, and provide 100% Workmanship Guarantee for all our services. For major plumbing repipe services we provide a Lifetime Warranty. Need financing for your major plumbing project? We can help with that as well.

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