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Millions of homes were built in the post-WWII era, during the “Baby Boom” generation. And this means that a lot of plumbing infrastructure in homes is well over 60 years old. Time means that these pipes are deteriorating. For example, galvanized pipes will undergo an unseen and inevitable corrosion and clogging from the inside. Does your Vancouver, Washington home need a complete plumbing repipe?

Are you having a serious problem with your plumbing? Call Henco Plumbing at (360)773-8039. Henco Plumbing Services, Vancouver WA is the leading local repipe plumbing contractor for Vancouver, WA and Clark County. We have the experience, personnel, and equipment to do your job right the first time. We have 5 star ratings, too, so you know our clients get the best services possible.

How Are Plumbing Pipes Damaged Over Time?

Soil Is A Cause Of Plumbing Pipe Break Down

Along with these lesser quality materials, soil conditions can wreak havoc on pipes. High levels of chloride in the ground and water systems can contribute to significant weakening and decay. And other materials with low electrical resistances deteriorate more rapidly. Additionally, soil areas with high clay content can be especially damaging to these materials. These factors contribute to premature corrosion of pipes and water lines.

Roots As A Cause Of Plumbing Pipe Break Down

Another unseen invader are roots. Trees and other plants grow deep and are attracted to moisture and nutrients from pipes. This makes small leaks and cracks particularly vulnerable to exploitation by root systems. In a short time, a small leak can be infiltrated by a root and create a blockage in your plumbing system.
And while there has been a lot of standardization in modern times, previously there were various materials used for the pipes. And these materials fare poorly over time. Pipes made from a variety of materials like clay, tile and steel suffer from damage and decay. These materials can leave your older home’s plumbing infrastructure on the verge of total collapse.

Simple Repairs

In case that you are only have a minor issue with your pipes, try out some simple solutions before calling us. We suggest avoiding any harsh chemical treatments at the onset of any issues, as these can permanently damage your plumbing system. First, try some of these ideas:

  • For a toilet, try using a traditional cup or flange plunger.
  • In order to plunge a bathtub or shower drain, first place a wet cloth over the opening and then plunge.
  • With a clogged sink, you can try flushing it out several times by filling the basin and letting it drain. If this fails, use a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to baking soda and pour it down the drain, leave for a few hours and try flushing it out again.

Obviously, these are simple solutions which may have little to no effect. If you believe that your plumbing system is experiencing something more severe, act now and contact us. We will give you a thorough and expert inspection with suggestions for improvements, up to and including a full plumbing system renovation.

There are two primary plumbing types, copper and PEX piping, that are used for plumbing repipe projects. Both have pros and cons, however, they are excellent materials, so whichever pipe
material you choose, your new plumbing pipe will be a significant improvement over old pipe materials.

Copper Repipe

Everyone is familiar with Copper Plumbing Pipes, but not everyone knows why copper is one of the two main standards for modern plumbing. A quality natural material, copper is most-often used in new construction. Copper is a tried and true plumbing system. Of the materials available, copper has great longevity and performance.
While copper Is durable and long-lasting, and this helps also to improve overall property value. It not only adds value to your home, but it also deters bacterial growth within your plumbing system. This bacteriostatic nature is one of the great benefits of copper. In addition to being lead-free, other benefits include structural strength which prevents warping or sagging.

PEX Repipe

PEX is a viable alternative and cost-effective alternative to copper pipe. In the 1980s, PEX piping started making an appearance in the plumbing industry. Since that period of time, its popularity has only grown due to PEX piping’s versatility.
Frequently used in projects to support radiant heating, PEX is also commonly installed under walkways, floors and slab foundations. PEX is a plumbing pipe material that is greatly appreciated for its ability to expand which in turn helps prevent burst pipes.
Some other benefits include being resistant to corrosion and immune to mineral exposure. PEX also requires fewer fittings and this in turn decreases the chances of leaky joints. As well, PEX is durable, flexible and installation time can be decreased in comparison to copper pipes. And although not always true, PEX can sometimes be less expensive to install than copper.

Do I Need A Plumbing Repipe?

We have identified a number of external and fundamental infrastructure problems. But what about some of the more irritating and immediate effects of a looming plumbing system failure.
Although plumbing issues can be numerous, in-your-face plumbing failures you experience can indicate your need to consult with us, licensed journeymen plumbers. These issues can include a wide range of problems and are not limited to:

  • A lack of water pressure in showers and sinks
  • Water that is discolored or rusty tasting or smelling
  • Trouble or difficulty using more than one faucet or water source at one time
  • Drastic or extreme temperature shifts in the shower when other water sources are used
  • Visible signs of interior or exterior leaks, this includes moisture on the walls and/or a “browning” of ceiling tiles
  • Noticeable collection or pooling of water indoors or outdoors

The Repipe Process

Repiping your home with more reliable materials will save you on costly repairs and severe property damage and, depending on your situation, there are several options for how we complete the re-piping process including:

A total re-pipe involves breaking through walls and floor, the peace of mind and increased home value make this option attractive for older homes. This is a good re-piping option during a remodel and may be required in more severe cases. An exposed repipe is used to postpone a total repipe by replacing exposed piping in crawl spaces, basements and other areas. This option should only be considered if the pipes behind walls and under floors have been inspected by camera and are not leaking. Total repiping may still be required in the future.

Call The Experts At Henco Plumbing Service

Plumbing repipe project is a major home improvement project that requires a true repipe specialist company, like Henco Plumbing Services to get the best results. If you think you may need a complete repipe or if your plumbing is breaking down, call us at 360-773-8039 for an appointment to review your situation.

We’ll give you a very accurate quote for services, then repipe your plumbing bringing it back to like new condition. We also provide you with a 100% workmanship guarantee. We are licensed and insured and all our on the job technicians are certified Journeyman plumbers. We offer the best quality materials for pipe replacement services and are extremely reliable. We will work with you to minimize the disruption in your life by scheduling our major workloads accordingly.

NOTE: We now offer 100% Financing on all major repipe projects.

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