Faucet Repair


When completing kitchen and bath remodeling or renovations, there is nothing that completes the look quite like a new faucet. Henco Plumbing Services offers services that will ensure the new faucet installation is completed with professional results. It is important to note that not all faucets are created equally. Having an expert technician that understands all of the designs and technology available for faucets is priceless.

Faucet Sales

faucet repair and faucet installation in vancouver wa and camas washigntonPeople throughout Vancouver are experiencing the ability to save money and enjoy the elegance that their new faucet installation delivers. During the installation process all water lines are thoroughly inspected and the faucet is sealed into place. This ensures that damaging water leaks will not create an unwanted expense.

Faucet Installation

New faucet installation services are available for:

• Bathrooms
• Utility rooms
• Laundry rooms
• Wet bars
• Outdoor water outlets
• Water shut-off valves

Not every homeowner wants to replace the faucets they have become attached to. However, they cannot continue to see dollars rolling down the drain with every drip that escapes. Sometimes the solutions are simple and require minor faucet repair to fix the problem. Simple adjustments such as changing out a rubber O-ring or making hose adjustments will return the faucet to its intended condition.

Should the necessary faucet repairs needed be of a more serious nature, Henco Plumbing technicians arrive prepared. They are capable of completing full water line replacements, internal faucet adjustments, and line reinforcement services.

Faucet Replacement

There are situations in which the internal components of a faucet are beyond repair or the outdated faucet is just not servicing the needs of the homeowner. Should this type of situation occur, Henco Plumbing Services does offer full faucet replacement to best suit the needs of their customer.

When faucet replacement services are necessary, the technician is able to provide a full range of new faucet options that meet the specifications of the customer. Their knowledge and expertise ensure that the new faucet will be a welcome addition on utility costs as well as the aesthetic value it adds to the room. Installation for the faucet replacement provides for proper line hook-up, faucet sealing, and drip detection before the project is complete.