Garbage Disposal Installation


garbage disposal installation in vancouver wa and camas washington by hence plumbing

A garbage disposal is an electric motor that grinds up food waste that passes through your sink. Installing one can minimize kitchen work, cut down on smells and odors and stop your pipes from clogging. Adding one to your kitchen is definitely beneficial and worth the cost.

Benefits of Garbage Disposal Installation

Using a garbage disposal also helps make cleaning up quicker and easier. Sinks are easier to clear of food garbage. This also means smells go away faster and left over food waste does not sit in the garbage cans. It is also better for the environment as the waste does not go to a landfill as it would if thrown in the garbage.

Commercial-Grade Garbage Disposals

Commercial grade garbage disposals are a must-have for any business that works with food. Leftover food garbage in sinks is a violation of health code in most cities. Therefore, a garbage disposal is a logical choice to ensure that left over waste goes down the drain and doesn’t end up anywhere it shouldn’t.

Garbage Disposal installation and Maintenance

Garbage disposals typically are not expensive, however, garbage disposal replacement can be tricky and mistakes in installation can lead to leaks, damaged equipment and clogged pipes. For these reasons, it is usually best to let a professional handle it.

Additionally, regular maintenance is required to keep them functioning in peak condition. Problems with the garbage disposal can quickly lead to bigger problems with clogged pipes and backups. Your Henco Plumbing Services expert can help you decide on a good maintenance plan and provide with specific instructions to keep your system functioning properly.

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