Toilet Repair


Toilet Replacement

Toilet repair and toilet installation in Vancouver WA and Camas WashigntonToilets are very complex plumbing fixtures. This is a fact that many people do not think about until the need for toilet repair services are encountered. Leaking water around the base of the toilet can signal the need for a new wax ring. Water dripping from the tank may indicate cracks present or broken seals. Toilets which will not flush may be mean that a clog has occurred due to paper or non-flushable objects being caught in the base. These are just a few of the situations which may require the hand of a dependable toilet repair contractor.

Toilet Sales

Henco Plumbing Services has repair contractors on staff that understand the necessity for fast solutions when the toilet is not operating as it is intended to do. These contractors are able to provide toilet repair services including:

  • Digital camera inspections
  • Snaking clogs
  • Wax ring replacement
  • Base tightening
  • New sealant installation
  • Siphon line replacement
  • Float replacement
  • Handle replacement
  • Flange replacement and repair

Toilet Installations

Not every problem which occurs within the toilet can be correct with simple repair services. Some issues that occur require the need for a new toilet installation to be performed. Henco Plumbing Services offers a full range of new toilets that meet the diverse needs of homeowners throughout Vancouver and surrounding communities. The contractors work closely with the customer to determine the specific new toilets available that will deliver the best results for efficiency, dependability, and aesthetic look within the room. With the amount of technology that is not invested in the plumbing industry, some of the new toilets have complex functions that complete a luxury bathroom design.

New toilet installation services are ideal for:

  • Bathroom remodeling services
  • Outdated bathroom renovations
  • New bathroom constructions
  • Damaged toilet replacement
  • Environmental efficiency planning
  • Handicap accessibility

Most new toilet installation services can be completed within a fast time frame once the new toilet has been selected. Henco Plumbing Services contractors will perform all toilet repairs and installation services in a manner that is both safe and minimally disruptive within the home. The contractors perform testing on the new toilet to ensure that there are no leaks or clogs present. When necessary diagnostic services are completed to visually inspect the supply and output ports of the toilet. Contractors do perform their own clean-up services when the project is finished, leaving the homeowner to enjoy the benefits and beauty their new toilet adds to the room.