Sewer Line Scoping


Sewer Line Scoping in Vancouver Wa and Camas Washington by Henco Plumbing ServicesThe sewer line for Vancouver homes is under constant stress. Not much thought is put into these sewer plumbing pipes until problems are encountered. If you notice slow draining sinks or bathtub, or toilet back-ups which cannot cleared easily; you need to contact Henco Plumbing Services. Our team of experienced licensed Journeyman plumbers can perform diagnostic tests which will locate problems within the sewer line and provide the necessary repair services to correct them in a safe and efficient manner.

Sewer Line Repairs

The main sewer line coming into the home can become damaged due to high amounts of pressure which occur above the ground. Common problems arise when vehicles are driven over the supply line, construction takes place, or when tree roots become entangled around the main line itself. A contractor can perform main line scoping using a diagnostic camera and video equipment. This equipment allows for a close-up view within the main sewer supply line that cannot be noticed above ground. Main line scoping can provide for the necessary course of action for cleaning out blockages which occur or for pinpointing an exact location of the line that must be replaced for continued service. Having the main line scoping performed can eliminate some of the costs for a total line replacement.

Here’s an introduction to our services including short video of the Henco Plumbing specialists on the job.

Sewer Line Clog Locating and Leak Repair

The sewer line is under constant pressure. The more toilets and drains hooked up to the single line can increase the possibility of clogs and leaks occurring. Henco Plumbing Services contractors understand the importance of sewer line clog locating services to provide the homeowner with the best possible solutions. Using their diagnostic cameras, sewer line clog locating services can be performed quickly. Once the clog is located a plan can be made for clearing the clog and seeing a return of normal service to the home.

When the cause of backup drains and toilets is a result of a broken or leaking line, the contractor offers sewer line leak repair solutions that meet the regulations in Vancouver. There are occasions when sewer line leak repair services do require permits and inspections before the line can be used once again. In these situations, the sewer line leak repair contractor from Henco Plumbing Services has the homeowner covered and will obtain all necessary services for the project.

Sewer Line Leak Repair

All sewer line services performed by Henco Plumbing Services contractors are completed in a manner that ensures a safe and well organized work environment. This allows for faster completion times and minimal disruptions to the everyday life around the home. All clean-up services are conducted by our staff before the project is labeled as complete.