Trenchless Water Line Replacement
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Trenchless Repipe Eliminates Property Damage

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Main water lines have always been designed to last due to the extreme labor involved in replacing them. However, after years of use, water lines do fail. This is typically because of the material used in the water line, failing due to age, or foreign objects such as tree roots penetrating them in their search for water. Many times homeowners do not realize their main water lines have failed or begin leaking until they receive a huge water bill, or a notice from the city asking the homeowner to investigate the possibility of a water line leak. Homeowners do have options when it comes to main water line replacement to save costs. Trenchless water line replacement, often referred to as directional drilling, is an affordable option when compared to costs involved in full water line excavation.

Trenchless water line replacement  represents the next step in replacing failing and inadequate water lines. This technique allows for entire water lines to be replaced while reducing both the cost and avoiding potential damage to your property.

What is Trenchless Water Line Replacement?

Trenchless replacement starts by creating two holes: one is where the water line begins, and the other is where it ends.

A hole for the pipe is then made underground. This may utilize one of several techniques, which can include directional drilling and pipe bursting. The most appropriate technique will depend upon the diameter of the water line, the material being used and so on.

Once this process has been completed, the water line can be connected from the access to the property’s plumbing. This allows for quick and efficient water line replacement.

Why Consider Trenchless Water Line Replacement?

Trenchless pipe replacement offers a few unique benefits over the traditional methods of replacing water lines.

Some of the reasons to opt for trenchless replacement include:

  • Affordable Replacement – The costs associated with trenchless line replacement tend to be less than those associated with trench replacement. This is because of the reduced labor required to perform trenchless replacement.
  • Cleaner and Faster Installation – Less digging means less dirt and a decreased incidence of complications. This results in installation is that is both cleaner and faster than traditional trench water line replacement.
  • Protection Against Future Problems – The pipe used to replace old water lines is impervious to roots and resilient to shifts in the ground. This helps to ensure that the water line remains problem-free for a lengthy duration, which in turn reduces the amount of future plumbing issues you will encounter.

Replace Troublesome Water Lines

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