Water Heater Installation
In Vancouver Washington

Gas And Electric Water Heater Installation

Water heater installation services must be completed by certified water heater contractors according State of Washington law. Because hot water heaters operate using electric or natural gas – problems may arise that can be potentially dangerous. Although it is unlikely your water heater will create a serious situation, our advice is to always contact a licensed water heater plumber for any repair, water heater replacement or water heater installation.

Water Heater Installation Near Me

If you’re a Vancouver Washington homeowner asking, who can provide “Water heater installation near me?” the answer is – Henco Plumbing Services of Vancouver WA. Call Henco Plumbing Services at (360)773-8039 to schedule a time for us to inspect your water heater situation, make recommendations for your new hot water heater (if necessary), and install your hot water heater properly. We can even assist your in choosing the right water heater brand and model to fit your home.

Water Heater Replacement

Gas Water Heater Installation

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Natural gas water heaters are constructed very safely, however, there is a potential for creating carbon monoxide. Henco Plumbing Service technicians are certified water heater replacement and water heater installation plumbers. We take every precaution to prevent carbon monoxide gas when we install your gas water heater. Our plumbers will properly vent your gas water heater so carbon monoxide gas will be vented to the outside of your home. To make certain your water heater is properly installed our plumbers install a drip pan under your gas hot water heater to prevent water damage your home’s to floors and walls in the case of water heater leakage.

Electric Water Heater Installation

New Electric water heaters models are also highly efficient, but there is the potential for issues. Electric water heaters must be wired professionally to functional properly and safely. Incorrect electric water heater wiring can cause damage to your home’s electrical system by burning out wiring or fuses. Additionally, poor water heater wiring can create sparks or enough heat to cause a fire within your home. Henco Plumbing Services is very experienced with electric water heater installation and our plumbers are trained and licensed to install your electric water heater. We inspect and test your home wiring prior to installation to ensure continued safe operation of your electric water heater.

Water Heater Installation For New Homes

Hot water heaters for new homes are highly advanced and very efficient. The modern traditional tank style water heaters are all far superior to older models due to better materials and construction. New home buyers can choose to install the new Tankless water heaters, which do have some very nice advantages. Tankless water heaters are also called “on-demand” hot water heaters because they heat the water only when it’s needed. This removes the need for the traditional water heater storage tank. As a result, there can be considerable energy cost savings for the homeowner.

Choose The Best Water Heater Installation Plumber

Henco Plumbing Services offers a wide range of the best hot water heaters from top manufacturers. We know which water heaters are the most efficient and cost effective for Vancouver Washington homeowners. Call (360)773-8039 to schedule an appointment for a licensed Journeyman plumber to come to your home, inspect your water heater installation location, and help you choose the best hot water heater for you. Then we’ll install your water heater properly, and provide you with a 100% Workmanship Guarantee. Following our professional installation you will enjoy many years of reliable water heater service.

Water Heater Installation Earthquake Straps

In the Pacific Northwest and Southwest Washington area, including Vancouver and surrounding communities, earthquakes are always a potential hazard to homes. At Henco Plumbing Services we always plan in advance to secure your water heater properly to prevent damage during an earthquake. When we complete your water heater installation, we will install earthquake straps to help eliminate potential damage from an earthquake. Water heater earthquake strapping attaches metal straps to a wall stud near the water heater to prevent the water heater from moving if an earthquake occurs. Obviously, a severe earthquake can destroy entire homes, however, earthquake strapping will eliminate problems during instances of small earth movements during quakes and tremors.

Water Heater Installation Experts In Vancouver WA

Henco Plumbing Services is a licensed water heater sales and installation expert in Vancouver Washington. We have the experience and training to install your water heater correctly at an affordable price with a full Workmanship Guarantee. We will happily answer any questions you have concerning your new water heater purchase and installation, including hot water heater installation costs and pricing. We will help you make a well informed decision for your new hot water heater.