Water Heater Installation – Gas and Electric


In the state of Washington, all water heater replacement and installation services must be completed by certified water heater contractors. Traditional water heater units depend on electric or natural gas for their operations. Problems which arise with improper installation for these units can lead to major devastation.

Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Installation and Water heater services Vancouver WA and Camas WashingtonNatural gas water heaters have the possibility of carbon monoxide. Henco Plumbing Service has professional water heater contractors that take every precaution to prevent this occurrence when performing water installation services. Their expertise allows them to proper vent each unit so that the carbon monoxide cases which are given off will leave the home as they are intended to do. To further aid in a positive experience with the water heater, the contractor will incorporate drip pans under the unit to prevent water damage from occurring to floors, walls, and other surrounding surfaces should the water heater spring that unexpected leak.

Electric water heaters have different concerns when they are installed, which carry risks of similar concern. These units are dependent on professional wiring for their prime operation. Should the wires be hooked up incorrectly when the water heater is installed, homeowners can experience damage to their home’s entire electrical system or create fire hazards within the home. Henco Plumbing Services’ water heater installation contractors provide testing and thorough diagnostic services before completing any of the water heater installation or replacements for residents throughout Vancouver. Their high level of dedication to their neighbors throughout the communities in which they service can be experienced with each plumbing service they are entrusted with.

New Home Construction Plumbing

With the many advancements which have taken place in the plumbing industry, new water heater systems are available. Tankless water heaters, which homeowners can choose, provide unlimited hot water when it is needed without fear of the water running cold. Best of all Tankless water heater systems use less water, making these systems safe for the environment and friendlier on the wallet. Offering a full range of premium water heater replacement systems, Henco Plumbing Services’ contractors can help homeowners throughout Vancouver determine if these Tankless water heating systems will be more beneficial for their customers’ needs.

Whenever a water heater installation is completed in the northeast region of the country, advanced planning should be taken for securing the unit during an earthquake. These reputable contractors will secure the unit once water heater replacement and installation services are completed with earthquake strapping. This high level of planning will protect the water heater from dislodging during those ground rumbles resulting in potential gas leaks or electrical emergencies.

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From water heater sales to water heater installation, Henco Plumbing Services has expert water heater contractors available to help answer any questions or concerns about water heater services. Their knowledge and expertise within the industry places them in a lead position for helping their customers make the best informed decisions for the plumbing products and services they are seeking for their home.