Water Heater Repair – Gas and Electric


Water heater repair and water heater service in Vancovuer WA and Ridgefield WashingtonPeople depend heavily on their water heater to provide them with the hot water needed for doing laundry, washing dishes, and for personal hygiene needs. These plumbing appliances are often very dependable and last for years without the need for service. However, over time the need for water heater repair services are encountered. Due to the importance of these appliances, having a professional water heater service technician available is a necessity.

When foul odors, rust colored water, or water that is not heated to a normal temperature is the experience when the hot water is turned on at the faucet, this is a good indication that water heater services are needed. A professional technician can perform state-of-the-art diagnostics on the system to pinpoint the components within the water heater that must be replaced. Many Washington homeowners have found that once their services are complete, they enjoy the benefits of lower utility bills for their gas or electric services.

Water Heater Service and Repairs

Water heater services which are available through Henco Plumbing Services include but are not limited to:

  • Earthquake strapping
  • Gas water heater venting
  • Drip pan and drain installation
  • Installation and replacement of pressure regulating valves
  • Grease pack valve replacement for gas water heaters
  • Anode rod replacement
  • Emergency water heater repair solutions

Conventional water heaters operate through the use of natural gas or electrical power. Natural gas water heaters can create a build-up of carbon monoxide which can dispel into the home if not properly installed or vented. Electrical water heaters require special wiring to ensure that electrical fires and shorts within the home’s wiring system are not encountered. It is not safe or legal in the state of Washington for an uncertified person to perform water heater repairs for these reasons.

Emergency Water Heater Repair

While it would be ideal if all emergency water heater repair needs arose during normal business hours, this is most likely never the case. A reputable technician is available to help day or night when the safety and well-being of Vancouver citizens and their homes are at risk. These emergency water heater repair technicians respond quickly. Their fast action allows them to stabilize the situation, so there is no risk of carbon monoxide exposure or electrical issues posing an immediate threat. Arriving prepared, the water heater service technician has the most common replacement parts already stocked in their vehicle for fast and convenient solutions.

From simple anode rod replacements to repairing water heaters in serious emergency situations, people throughout Vancouver can trust the services and solutions that Henco Plumbing Services will deliver. The level of dedication these water heater repair technicians have for their friends and neighbors throughout the community are superb.