Bathroom Plumbing Remodeling Tips

Things You Should Consider Before Remodeling Your Bath

Are you considering a bathroom plumbing remodeling project? Plumbing fixtures including bathtub, shower, toilet, and sinks are major considerations. After all, that’s what a bathroom is all about – bathing, etc. Many older homes have seriously outdated plumbing, especially in terms of functionality. When purchasing an older home, those miss matched colors or just plain “unusual colors” are just way too much to live with, so they need to go asap. The following article has tips on bathroom remodeling to help save while upgrading.

Before you get too far into your bathroom remodeling, give us a call, so we can help you plan properly. Our journeymen plumbers are very experienced at estimating and performing residential bathroom remodels. When you contact us early in the remodeling process we can help you save money with fixtures and by helping you avoid mistakes.

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Save When Remodeling A Bathroom

You’ve decided to remodel your bathroom. Use these tips to get a new look without flushing funds down the toilet.

Have a Solid Bathroom Remodeling Plan

When you’re working with a budget, you may think working with a designer professional is pricey, but a proper plan can save you both time and money.

Having a good plan with a budget forecast and a timeline will make the path to your perfect bathroom easily achievable.

Improve But Don’t Move The Plumbing

Replacing the old pipes may be necessary but leaving the plumbing pipes where they are is less costly than moving them to another area in the bathroom.

The team at Express Plumbing has it right; the article points out some really good concepts. If you are budget conscious, keep the primary pipes in their original locations. We often replace original pipes when they are damaged or must be moved to accommodate the project. If you think your project may require relocating your main bathroom plumbing pipes, have proper plans drawn up in advance.

Sizing Up A New Toilet Installation

Here’s a short video from Bob’s Plumbing Videos gives instructions on calculating the size necessary for a toilet installation.

Have you ever heard the expression “measure twice, cut once”? The video from Bob gives you a good idea how to make accurate measurements.

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom and doing the work yourself? The DIY spirit can really tug at you, especially if you take a tour through some of the big box hardware supply stores. However, there are those occasions when it just may not be the right move for you. Consider this – Can you build a bird house? Do you have more than one screw driver? If you aren’t inclined toward the handyman approach, a serious project like a bathroom remodel may not be the best place to launch your inner builder mode.

Remodeling Your Bathroom – Contact Your Plumber

Home renovations can be as exciting as they are exhausting. One of most common areas to re-imagine is the bathroom. Given that it’s a room you will spend a considerable amount of time in each and every day, it’s important that you devote adequate care and resources to your remodel project. Seeking the guidance of an experienced plumber will help ensure your bathroom remodel goes smoothly.

Nix Your DIY Plans

It can be tempting to forego expert counsel as a way to cut costs. Although there’s plenty of advice on the Internet likely to inspire confidence, taking remodeling matters into your own hands is risky. If a job isn’t done right, you could end up with any number of problems. From main line drips to leaks from sloppy caulking, water loss or damage can spell disaster in the long run.

Seek Advice During the Planning Stages

It’s important that you call a plumber before you draw up any grand bathroom remodeling plans. You might run into certain constraints depending on the layout of the plumbing system in your bathroom. Sometimes your contractor may make suggestions that are unnecessary or expensive. A plumber will likely be able to suggest more pragmatic alternatives to everything from costly re-piping to unnecessary drain relocation.

The previous article really focuses on the main point behind your bathroom remodel. It’s great to save money, but remember, the entire process is all about improving your home and the livability. Cutting holes in the wrong places, injuring your back, or spending every weekend for a year attempting to redo your bathroom can be a bit excessive. Plan ahead and if in doubt, call us at 360-773-8039 and we’ll give you an accurate plumbing estimate for your bathroom remodeling project.

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Need plumbing advise and quality workmanship for your bathroom remodel? Henco Plumbing can help with your new bathroom plumbing design and build. Whether your bathroom toilet needs repairs or you need a full plumbing remodel, we can handle the job. Call us at (360)773-8039 to schedule a free consultation. Henco Plumbing Services is licensed and insured, we employ Journeyman plumbers and we provide a 100% Workmanship Guarantee for our services. Plus – If your project becomes a bit costly, we can help arrange financing for you.

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