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Fix Those Leaking Pipes In Your Home

Leaky pipes can lead to serious destruction of your property. A slow seeping leak from a loose fitting in your pipes of a seriously damaged water main can both result in major damage and highly expensive repairs. Got leaking pipes in your home or business property? Call Henco Plumbing Services at (360) 773-8039 to schedule an appointment. We’ll inspect your plumbing, provide you with a complimentary quote, then fix your leaking pipes – fast and we’ll do the job properly – guaranteed.

One of the problems we see in the Pacific Northwest is plumbing leaks that creating damage to the walls or your home or commercial property. Pipes inside walls that break or leak will cause moisture in the walls; so the drywall becomes wet. If this continues over time, the moisture will eventually form wet spots.

If left unchecked, this moisture can allow formation of black mold. This may become so serious that removal may require a mold remediation company services and removing large areas of the wall or walls. Obviously the broken or leaking pipes need to be replaced by a licensed plumber so this problem does not reoccur. We do a lot of home plumbing pipe repair and replacement, so we’ve seen how much damage leaking pipes can cause.

Here’s an article from the Denver Plumbing Blog that discussess finding small leaks so you can prevent large damages.

Find Small Plumbing Leaks – Prevent Damages

You know that small drip in the bathroom sink? The one that leaks a drop of water every few minutes? Its nothing big, not even an annoyance really. You’ve only noticed it because your sink is wet even after you’ve been away from home all day.

Those tiny drips can be a big problem. Studies show that the average home can lose anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year due to those tiny leaks.

Finding Those Small Leaks In Your Home That Could Be Costing You A Fortune

There are the drips you can see – like the ones that occur in your bathroom sink. Then there are the drips you can’t see – these are the ones that occur in your crawl space or behind the walls and go undetected for years.

Because if you know anything about water, you know one thing is for sure – water is one of the most powerful forces on earth. And when its left to its own accord, it will go where it chooses.

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The video below from the Henco Plumbing Services Team shows our crew at work replacing broken plumbing. We located major leaks in the system that were well beyond repair, so we replaced the plumbing pipes. Sometimes plumbing leaks are a symptom of serious damage. Contact Henco Plumbing Services for Leak Detection services before your plumbing problems become severe.

Replacing Leaking and Broken Plumbing

This video demonstrates how we can help you replace those old broken and leaking plumbing pipes and eliminate damage to your property and restore your comfortable lifestyle

Water pipe leaks can occur outside the home, too. Remember water lines are fed to your home from the public utility in the street, through underground pipes. Also, if you have a sprinkler system connected to your home water outlets, these can be a source of water leaks as well.

Here’s some information from Ammon Superior Plumbing on how you can perform low cost, low tech, tests for water leaks throughout your home. There are plenty of places in your home where water leaks can occur.

How To Find A Water Leak In Your Home

Leaking water could lead to an expensive fix inside your home. Before the problem gets too costly, there are several ways to identify a leak without a plumbing contractor on hand. If you suspect that there is a leak in your home, here are some areas you can check.

Water Meter

If you suspect there is a leak somewhere in your home, there’s a way to confirm your suspicions. First, turn off the water inside your home. Next, locate the water meter and examine its small dial. If that dial is moving, it means there is still water running and there is indeed a leak.

Hot Water Heater

Checking the hot water heater will let you know if there is a hot water leak in your home. The way to check this is to turn the valve on the hot water heater to the off position. Let it remain off for around a minute and then turn it back to the on position.

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As you can see, water pipes can spring a lead just about anywhere within the plumbing system. Both homes and commercial properties are vulnerable to leaking. As serious leak does not have to be a big river of water running from your sink down the stairs. Little pin hole leaks can cause extreme damage over time.

Need help with pluming leaks? Don’t know if you have leaky pipes, but something seems to be not quite right with your plumbing? Call us at Henco Plumbing Services, LLC at 360-773-8039. We specialize in repairing leaky pipes. Whether your plumbing requires a simple pipe repair or a major replacement we can handle the job for you.

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