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Modern Plumbing Saves The Environment

The plumbing industry is leading the charge for a greener and cleaner environment.  Your home and the appliances and fixtures contribute to either a better environment or a not so great future for the planet.  Older fixtures are often very inefficient.  Replacing old toilets, water heaters, furnaces, and home pipes can safe thousands of gallons of water, fuel, and eliminate pollutants from our waterways.  Water waste from poor plumbing is one of the leading causes of environmental stress to community water systems.  Find out more about green plumbing in the following material.

Tips For Green Plumbing

There are so many ways to go green with your home, but few present more opportunity than your plumbing. Not only will green plumbing lower utility costs in the long run, but it will certainly make your home and the environment healthier.

Needless to say, a home’s plumbing covers a wide range of categories, from the drainage and pipes to the water heater, toilets and sewer main. As such, there are plenty of ways to go green with plumbing. . . .

Fortunately, if you choose to go the green route, know that green plumbing will not be much more than regular plumbing. The initial costs may seem higher, but like many home repair jobs, when you think about the long-term benefits, such as lower energy costs or water usage, the price is well worth the investment . . . .

This article really does emphasize the main point of the up front going green concept. You will need to invest money; that is simply part of the program. However, in most cases, this will be money you will be spending anyway. For example, if your toilet is broken beyond repair (and that doesn’t take much of a break), you’ll be replacing it anyway. It is almost impossible to not purchase a water efficient toilet. The only real issue for you, the buyer, will be, how much to spend for all the extras that are available with today’s feature rich toilets.

The following article from J. Blanton discusses getting ready for the spring season and how you can prepare for the change in weather while, at the same time, taking a green approach to home plumbing.

Going Green This Spring . . .

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth – so how about spending those warmer, greener days giving back to the planet? Before you get bogged down by spring cleaning, take some time to think up some green plumbing resolutions to help save water – and big bucks – as we move into the warmer months of the year.

The actions you take can be large or small; every little bit makes a difference! Consider adopting green gardening and landscaping techniques, think more strategically about saving and reusing water around the house, and, if it’s in your budget, look into updating some of your home plumbing systems, opting for high efficiency models or green modifications like low flow shower heads and aerators.

This short explainer video from our friends at Go Green Plumbing talks about how they offer green plumbing plumbing products and services to help the environment

Notice how Jordan offers sustainable plumbing products. We agree with Jordan – we always do an analysis, then inform you of our findings, make a recommendation, allow you to decide, before we do any work on your plumbing. Also, at Henco Plumbing Services, ALL new plumbing products we offer are energy, fuel, and environmentally efficient, so once you decide to upgrade you will definitely be “going green!”
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