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While many plumbing installations require copper pipes, a complete repipe with copper pipes can be quite costly. A great option for plumbing repipe (plumbing pipe replacement) is PEX pipe. PEX is an abbreviation for “cross-linked polyethylene.” PEX is preferred for a wide variety of plumbing pipe installations, from new home construction, internal wall, ceiling, and floor pipe replacement, and water line installations.

Installing PEX Plumbing Pipes

PEX pipe has a distinct advantage against copper pipe is when exposed to acidic water, since PEX piping not pit or corrode. While copper pipe is susceptible to breakage in freezing weather, PEX plumbing pipes are resistant to freezing at low temperatures. There are many advantages of PEX plumbing pipes and here are some installation tips from the Express Sewer and Drain‘s blog.

Plumbing Tips: Installing PEX Pipes

New installation and repair of plumbing pipes in your home or business can be costly. Many older homes have copper pipes, and it is the material of choice when considering plumbing pipe.

Yet, replacing or plumbing a new home with copper may not meet your budget. Cross-linked polyethylene pipe, more commonly known as PEX pipe, is about a third the cost of copper plumbing pipe. It’s a more efficient method of repiping your home or business.

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While you may considering either PEX or copper for your plumbing installations, you should be aware that there are other options, like CPVC and PVC. CPVC stands for Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride. It is used for industrial liquid, and can withstand both higher temperatures. While PVC stands for Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride. It is a softer and more flexible pipe.

What are the differences between these pipes and is one better than the others. Making a decision about which pipe to use can lead to confusion so here’s an article from ProTool Reviews that discusses differences of each pipe, their advantages and disadvantages, and their uses.

Differences Between CPVC and PEX Tubing

A lot of older homes we encounter have galvanized piping. Galvanized was used many years ago as the defacto method for bringing potable (drinkable) water into the home, but it suffered from several disadvantages. For one, galvanized pipe corrodes internally over time. It will quite often get bad enough that, after 30-40 years, water flow can be significantly restricted. As a result, many homeowners take every opportunity to replace galvanized piping whenever they redo a bathroom, kitchen, or other area which grants them access to the original piping of an older home. Replacement options include PVC, CPVC, copper or PEX tubing.

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The following information can go a long way to clearing up some of the complexities of plumbing pipes and which piping will work best for any particular situation. Every plumbing system is different and the geology of your location, age of building, ease of access and degree of degradation of current pipes are all consideration when analyzing your plumbing project.

Here’s a video with information about PEX plumbing pipes.

Choosing PEX pipe for home plumbing is almost always a good idea. Not only is PEX pipe less expensive, saving you money, the PEX plumbing will provide years of excellent consistent service for your home or business. Here at Henco Plumbing Services, LLC, we use both copper pipe and PEX pipe for plumbing installations. We always explain the advantages and disadvantages of using certain types of piping so you can make an informed decision about your plumbing pipe installation.

Why Choose PEX Pipe for Home Plumbing?

As PEX pipes continues to become more popular as an alternative for copper, cpvc, and pvc pipes, many homeowners may simply choose PEX without knowing the alternatives. We advise that you review all factors involved with your home plumbing project before choosing any pipe product. The following information, fromHome Tips for Women discusses the advantages of using PEX pipe in your home.

PEX and Plumbing for Homeowners

For most homeowners, plumbing means turning on faucets (dishes, the shower), appliances (dishwasher, washing machine) or flushing the toilet. We only think about plumbing when there’s a leak and few homeowners understand how we get hot and cold water when we want it. Fortunately building codes establish design guidelines that insure our home’s plumbing system is properly designed and safe for our families.
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Do you need a plumbing pipe installation that involves either new plumbing fixtures or perhaps a water main line replacement? Henco Plumbing Services can handle small and very large plumbing pipe repipe or new construction installs. Contact us at 360-773-8039 to schedule an appointment. We will inspect your project, give recommendations, and provide you with an accurate estimate for services. We are licensed and insured and all our employees are experienced in providing quality plumbing repairs, replacement, and installations.

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