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Year End Plumbing Contractor Tips And Ideas

As we get closer to the major holidays of Christmas and New Years, your thoughts and wishes rarely focus on plumbing! As your plumbing contractor “near me” we located some unique ideas and insider plumbing contractor tips that may help you during this busy time of year. In fact, here are some interesting plumbing tidbits that Santa found for us.

Do you own a small home or have a small bathroom? Many new homes are built with that extra bath to utilize as much space as possible. Sometimes, the concept works out great, sometimes, not so much. The following information, from Houzz discusses ways you can improve your plumbing in a small space.

6 Plumbing Hacks for Tiny Homes

Small spaces can drive you crazy, especially if you need pipes in a compact bathroom, kitchen or laundry to run toilets, sinks and washing machines. Here are some must-know tips and tricks for your home’s high-traffic rooms to free up space for features and fixtures that need plumbing.

Plumbing Hacks

1. Tinker with the toilet. Many decorators will have ideas about how to create the illusion of space in a small room or house, but the trick is to free up space. And most of the time, the busiest and most-used rooms in the house — the bathroom, laundry and kitchen — are the best rooms to start with.

If you find your fixtures take up too much space, slim them down or get rid of them altogether. A wall-hung toilet with a concealed tank, for example, saves precious capacity in the smallest room in the house. The tank sits in the wall and the buttons and bowl are all you can see. Be aware, though, that concealed tanks can pose an access problem for your plumber and one day that tank will need maintenance and, eventually, replacement.

Pro tips: Hide an access panel, or position the tank where the wall it backs onto is a closet or cabinet, and buy only well-known brands so replacement parts are easily found.

A close-coupled, back-to-wall toilet, where the tank and bowl sit flush — excuse the pun — against the wall, can be a good, more affordable compromise.

You may also consider an integrated toilet with a sink on top. This is a great option if you’re looking to reduce water usage and become environmentally friendlier. It could be just what you need: a sink where the wastewater from washing your hands runs into the tank for the next flush, and you save space because you don’t need a separate sink.

Hiding the tank in a setup like this streamlines the room and creates counter space — a luxury in a tiny bathroom. Connecting the sink wastewater to the tank is also an option in this integrated design.

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Thinking about doing a few plumbing repairs yourself? Here are a few tips from Pro Tools Review blog. There is more to plumbing than washers and pipe wrenches. Major plumbing projects, like bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and repair and replacement of major plumbing pipes in your home can become very complicated. If you have any doubts about your DIY skills, contact your Vancouver Washington expert plumbing contractor, Henco Plumbing Services at 360-773-8039. We will provide you with a complimentary consultation, just to make certain there are no hidden obstacles to your plumbing project. We can also provide you with a free quote for services in case you decide you would prefer a professional plumbing company complete your project.

Plumbing Tips – Personal Safety

1. Prepare For the Job. There are no shortage of cliches about preparation so we won’t attempt to create a new one here. But preparing for a plumbing job means looking up the appropriate plumbing and building codes to know what the job entails. Be sure to practice the skills needed – like soldering – before going to the job if you’re rusty. The reality of awkward positions is often more difficult than theory, so be prepared.

2. Protect Your Eyes. Plumbers need them to get the job done. Put on some protective eyewear that won’t fog and leave it on. If you put eyewear on top of your head, it’s easy to forget you’re unprotected.

3. Protect Your Ears. There are plenty of sharp, loud noises on a plumbing jobsite. Over time, these noises take a toll on a plumber’s hearing if ears are unprotected.

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There are times when a plumbing system requires a major overhaul. That’s where Henco Plumbing can help. If you have seriously clogged drains, or leaking and broken pipes whether sewer pipes or water pipes, we can fix those problems for you. Here’s a short video showing the Henco Plumbing Services journeymen plumbers on the job at a home in Vancouver, Washington.

Here’s a few specific tips for Christmas Holidays from Lapin Services. Often, people become careless about plumbing maintenance during the hectic holiday season. Remember, attempting to overuse your plumbing can result in very unfortunate results.

Christmas and Holiday Plumbing Tips

Christmas and the Holidays are literally right around the corner. With just about a week to prepare for family and guests that will be celebrating with you for the Holiday’s and New Year, it may be the right time to make sure your septic and plumbing system is up to par. Read on for this year’s Christmas and Holiday Plumbing Tips.


Make sure you include a small bin in the bathroom to help encourage guests to toss trash instead of flushing them. The only things that should be flushed are human waste and toilet paper. Not even paper towels or cotton swabs are to be flushed.

If you have multiple bathrooms in your home, try to make them both available to guests during your holiday get-together. This will help alleviate the amount of stress on your plumbing fixtures.

If you have shelves above the toilet, make sure that items on the shelf are secure to avoid items from accidentally dropping into the toilet.

Keep a plunger near by in case you need to clear up a minor clog.


Keep garbage disposals in good working condition by being careful what you put in them. Avoid fibrous materials such as corn-husks and celery and be sure to run cold water for 15 seconds after use. Go here for more on Garbage Disposals.

Never put fats, oils and grease down drains to prevent dangerous and expensive clogs and to keep your garbage disposal working properly.ChristmasDinner-PlumbingTips-Orlando-LapinServices

If in doubt on what you can put down your garbage disposal, just toss it in the trash. Also, just scrape your plates into the trash to allow minimal use on your garbage disposal.

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