Repair Your Sewer Main Before It’s Too Late!

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Sewer Main Repair

When a damaged sewer is neglected, living a healthy life at home becomes very problematic. Sewer lines are a primary reason for safe water and a safe living environment. So remember, repair sewer main damage before it becomes a serious problem.

When you decide to have your main sewer be repaired, you should always seek help from a qualified licensed plumbing service. Professional plumbing companies have the right people with expertise and necessary experience to perform the work. Avoid handling this kind of project in your own – this is definitely not a DIY situation.

Here’s information on how you can determine if you already need a sewer main repair and replacement from the All Ways Drains‘ blog.

Older Homes: You, Your Sewer and Sewer Repair

Nothing’s worse than a sewer backup: the smell and sight of raw sewage seeping back up into your home can cause fear in anyone. And, these can become even more common with older homes. Many older structures were supplied with piping and sewage systems that can wear out over time and require substantial repairs. Even the actual materials used in your home’s older piping and sewer could be wrong for your home or deteriorate over time. It is definitely a stressful time when you are dealing with a sewer malfunction or backup, and you might not know what to do at first. All Ways Drains can help with sewer repair for your Shoreview home, but in the meantime, here are a few age-related issues that can arise and what you can do about it.

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Why Repair Your Main Sewer?

Why is it important to check your main sewer and when should you repair your sewer line?

The Neerings Plumbing and Heating blog has some important information that discusses what happens if you choose to ignore any necessary maintenance and sewer main repairs. Your home could be severely damaged; including damage to the foundation and your entire plumbing system could be at risk.

Learn more about the importance of sewer main repair below.


Plumbing emergencies . . . go beyond burst pipes and leaky faucets. Much more unsettling are both broken sewer lines and clogged drains as these can cause severe damage to your entire home.

As a homeowner, consider the upkeep of your sewer and water lines from the municipal water main. If you ignore maintenance or needed repairs, your foundation, yard and entire household plumbing system could be at risk. Here’s what to look for to keep your plumbing safe from sewer line and drain damage.

Sewer Line Problem Indicators

Knowing the signs of a bad sewer line is the first step in preventing a plumbing emergency, so be on the lookout for wastewater backing up in your dishwasher, sink and bathtub drain. Smell will typically be your biggest indicator of a sewer line problem especially if you can sense wastewater stench in your yard.

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This is exactly what happens when a main sewer’s maintenance is set aside.

Sewer Main Repair Benefits

Repairing a main sewer line is not just simple home maintenance; it requires special equipment and expertise to know precisely what actions to take given the situation. Using a professional plumbing company for your sewer main repair has some important benefits.

  • The project will be done right the first time
  • Time savings by calling a plumbing pro
  • Money saved by using a professional
  • Minimum lifestyle interruption
  • What are other benefits will you see from a professional plumbing services sewer main repair or replacement? Here’s information from Budget Sewer on the value of sewer line replacement.


    If you are a homeowner, you can confirm that one of the numerous repairs you should keep in your routine is sewer line maintenance and repair. However, despite your best efforts to always keep your sewer lines in good condition, it gets to a point where they are beyond repair and need replacement. To many, this is not an option but with the high costs involved in repairing a sewer line, it is definitely an approach one should think about. On the short term, a sewer line repair is the most viable option but on the long term, a sewer line replacement is the right approach. Sewer line replacement has numerous benefits to people who implement it as highlighted below.

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    If you live in a house where a sewer system is older than 20 to 30 years, you will may experience a series of plumbing system problems such as clogging and leaking. These can cause major lifestyle disruptions due to foul odor and unsafe water.

    However, you can prevent serious damage to your home by calling Henco Plumbing Services, LLC, one of Vancouver Washinton’s most experienced and highly rated plumbing companies at 360-773-8039. We have several years experience in sewer line repair and sewer main replacement (aka sewer line repipe). We are licensed, insured and offer a 100% one year guarantee on parts and service.

    Henco Plumbing Services offers a wide variety plumbing repairs, replacement, and installation services including main sewer line repairs. If you have questions concerning your water or sewer system’s plumbing, call us at 360-773-8039 or contact us by email. We will schedule an appointment, come to your location, and inspect your plumbing. Once we inspect your plumbing, we will make recommendations and provide you with an accurate estimate for all the necessary services.

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