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Learn How To Secure A Safe, Working Pipes on Different Seasons

Make Sure Your Plumbing Pipes Are Ready For Winter

Here are some plumbing tips to help make certain your plumbing is in good shape and protected during the cold weather. Although we are already into the winter months, this information is still very useful. Here at Henco Plumbing Services, we get calls almost every day from customers who have plumbing pipe issues due to weather. Frozen pipes are certainly a major concern, however, as weather begins to warm up, ice can still cause damage to pipes both from internally and on the pipes’ exterior. The frozen pipes may burst from the expansion of ice and when the weather becomes warming the water in those pipes will leak into or under your home, causing damage to the adjoining structures.

Seasonal Plumbing Tips

Chilly fall (and winter) temperatures serve as a polite reminder that when winter arrives it can be sudden, often leaving homeowners unprepared for the troubles associated with extreme cold. A few simple plumbing preparations now will help prevent headaches and costly repairs throughout the winter months.

  • Disconnect outside water hoses. If left connected, water in the hoses can freeze and expand causing faucets and connecting pipes inside your home to freeze and break.
  • Make sure outside faucets aren’t dripping or leaking. Make the necessary repairs or call a plumber before freezing temperatures arrive. Be aware that when pipes freeze, water pressure builds causing cracks – no matter if the pipe is made of plastic, copper or steel. Even a tiny crack can unleash enough water to cause serious damage or flooding.

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Be sure you check for damaged plumbing as the weather becomes warmer in the Spring. In the Pacific Northwest, we receive a lot of rain. Basements can quickly flood and often your landscaping is not capable of absorbing the large volumes or rain. As a result, your crawl space may become flooded. This stagnant water can result in mold or undermine your building support system. Here’s information from Water Plumbing with ideas on how to get your plumbing ready for the Spring season.

Are Your Plumbing Pipes Ready For The Spring Season?

Seasonal Tips For Spring

During the spring, winter begins to loosen its hold on the weather and the earth begins preparing for summer. It is time to take stock of winter damage to your house and plumbing. It is also the time for ‘spring cleaning’. Here are a few tips on how you can take of your homes’ plumbing during the spring.

1. Prepare for spring showers by testing your sump pump and water powered backup pumps. Pour water into the sump pump and see if it turns on. If it does, drain the water and quickly shut the back off.

2. If you have drains that you rarely use, pour some water into them to fill the P-traps. The P-traps are the curved bends at the end of the drain that prevent hazardous and foul smelling gases from entering your home.

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You may have overlooked some areas of winter plumbing preparation, so now is a very good time to make sure you have taken steps to prevent disaster. Here is information in this video on prepping your plumbing for the winter months.

Video: How to Blow Out Your Home/Cabin Plumbing For Winter

Here are more tips on what you can do to keep your plumbing safe from the damaging effects of weather. Remember, if you see pooling water in your yard, especially your front yard, call us at Henco Plumbing Services at 360-773-8039 to schedule a time so we can inspect your main water line(s) and your main sewer pipes for damages. Sometimes older pipes or pipes that are already vulnerable can burst with barely freezing temperatures or from the shifting of the ground. Here is a list of weather related plumbing maintenance from Mclay Servicesyou can perform to prevent damage to your plumbing system.

Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Your Home

Fall Plumbing Maintenance

In the fall, you’ll want to prepare your pipes for winter by making sure this maintenance checklist has been completed:

  • Outdoor spigots—Disconnect the water hose from your outdoor spigot. Drain any remaining water and cover the spigot with a Styrofoam insulation cover.
  • Water heater—Keep the temperature of the water heater at 120 degrees, flush it out to remove sediment and test the pressure of the water heater.
  • Gutter and sump pump—Clean debris from the gutters and get the sump pump and pit cleaned and inspected. 

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Once plumbing pipes are damaged from weather, your entire home can be impacted with noxious fumes or flooding water. If you have any doubts about the condition of your home plumbing, contact Henco Plumbing Services at 360-773-8039 to set up a complimentary inspection. If your plumbing requires repair or repipe replacement, we will provide you with an accurate quote for thorough service at an affordable price. We are licensed, bonded, insured and all our staff are full time employees. We do not hire day labor for any services. We also give a 100% Workmanship Guarantee for all the work we provide for you. Our customers give us top rated reviews and we hope you will too.

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