Fix Your Clogged Sewer Drain

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Fixing Your Clogged Drain

Do You Have A Clogged Sewer Line?

A clogged drain can lead to a severely clogged sewer line. As material builds up in your sink drains, bathroom drains, or other locations in your home, these clogs may build up or break off and eventually cause further clogs an blockages in your main sewer line.

Here’s information from Home Guides about sewer line clogs and what you can do about them. Notice that sewer lines are actually very large pipes. Your sewer line is the largest pipe servicing your home and it takes years of service or a very large amount of debris before your sewer line
will clog. The bad news, however, is that once your sewer main line is clogged, it will take more than liquid drain cleaner to remove the clogged material.

How to Fix a Residential Sewer Line Clog

It’s vexing when a toilet, bathtub or sink drain clogs, but you’ve got a real problem when it happens to a sewer line. An obstruction in the sewer affects all the plumbing fixtures in the house, and if it gets bad enough, you may find sewage backing out of some of your drains. Clearing a blocked sewer usually isn’t a job you can do yourself. It takes professional expertise and equipment.

Why Sewers Clog?

Sewer lines are typically 6 inches or more in diameter, and it takes more than a buildup of paper or loose debris to clog them. Most sewer clogs are the result of the incursion of tree roots into the pipes. The roots are attracted to the warmth and moisture of the sewer lines and send feelers through tiny cracks or loose joints. Once inside, the roots engorge themselves on the readily available nutrients. Before long, debris collects on the roots and blocks the water flow. The obstruction builds more quickly as the water flow slows and it becomes easier for debris to settle.

Diagnosing the Problem
If you have a clogged sewer, your drains will all run slowly no matter how hard you try to clear them. Moreover, you may hear gurgling sounds coming from the waste pipes when you flush a toilet. After eliminating the other possible causes for the sluggish draining — including blocked vents — it is possible to get a visual inspection of the inside of the sewer pipes with the help if a miniature camera. Such inspections, offered by sewer cleaning professionals, may reveal not only roots and other blockages, but also cracks and breakages in the pipes caused by the roots.

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Henco Plumbing specializes in clearing clogged drains and we have the technology and experience to unclog your main sewer line. Our plumbing company is fully licensed and insured and all our team members are journeymen plumbers. We provide a 100% workmanship guarantee for all our services. If you have clogged sewer drains, or suspect that you do have a sewer line problem, call us at 360-773-8039.

The first step in removing drain clogs is to find out if there is a blockage in your sewer line and then attemp to remove it. Here’s information from
Inspectapedia to help you find out if your sewer drain is clogged.

Diagnose & Fix Clogged Drains & Septic System Backups

How to fix a blocked or clogged drain:

This article series explains how to troubleshoot and repair slow or blocked plumbing drains, diagnose and fix sewer line or septic system backups and how to distinguish between a probable septic system failure versus a probable blocked building drain or sewer line.

What signs indicate a clogged drain? How do we distinguish between a clogged drain and plumbing vent troubles? What are the steps in fixing a clogged drain?

When a building drain or main sewer line is clogged or slow, or when there is a septic system backup, it’s important to determine where the problem lies, since the repair steps can be quite different and costs can vary widely.

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View this video to find out more about drain clogs and how we inspect your sewer lines to find clogged areas in your sewer pipes.

Video: How To Clear, Fix and Unclog Your Home Sewer Line and Sewer Line Video Inspection

How can you tell if you have a clogged sewer drain? Here are some tips from George Brazil.

3 Warning Signs You’ve Got a Clogged Sewer Line

“How can I tell if I have a sewer line clog or just a regular clog?” That’s the question we’ll answer in this blog.

This is an important question because a sewer line clog can cause raw sewage to back up the drains and into your home, causing costly water damage. Let’’s avoid that shall we?

Look for these 3 warning signs that your sewer line is clogged.

1)  Multiple drains are backed up

Check these plumbing fixtures:

  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs
  • Showers

Are all of their drains making a gurgling sound as they back up with water?

Chances are, you have a main sewer line clog.

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A clogged sewer line can eventually result in a broken sewer main line. Once your sewer line pipe is broken, there can be serious issues with sewage running into your yard, your neighbors property, or into the public street. Replacing a main sewer line with a full repipe procedure is costly and disruptive. At Henco Plumbing Services Vancouver Washington, we can inspect, diagnose, and unclog your clogged sewer lines. We use advanced scoping procedures to look deep within your sewer pipes to find the exact location of any blockage. Then we can inform you of the necessary steps to unclog your sewer pipes. If there is damage we can repair or replace your sewer line
with a repipe procedure.

Let us help you get the proper plumbing services you need by calling Henco Plumbing Services at 360-773-8039.

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