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Sewer Line Replacement – Get The Information You Need

Plumbing pipe line repair and replacement can be a serious project for any home owner. Our team performs several sewer line replacements each month. You must hire an experienced licensed plumbing contractor for this kind of work. A broken sewer pipe can cause extensive damage that may require professional remediation. There are important sanitary considerations when a sewer line requires repair. We feel this type of home service is not well suited for a do it yourself approach. If something goes wrong, you could find yourself in violation of community legal rulings.

If you have a sewer line problem, we can perform a main line scope to find the damage, then let you know what needs to be done to correct the damage. Call us at (360) 773-8039 to schedule an appointment for a thorough sewer pipe inspection.

An article in Sewer Solutions by author Matt B. has some interesting material on this topic. Drain excavation and repipe services are now a major specialty for plumbing services. Technology and techniques have become more important to ensure a clean and safe service.

What Should You Know About Drain Excavation And Pipe Replacement

Trenchless sewer repair and video camera inspection services have revolutionized the plumbing industry. Jobs that you still require a lot of time effort and money can now be quickly and effectively repaired and just a single day without tearing up your yard or excavating pipes. That means that you can uuickly get diagnosis and repair accomplished and get back to your life. When looking for a company to take care of these services, you will want to make sure that they have end up knowledge and experience regarding these types of procedures.

Ensure that you hire a company that has taken the time to train their technicians on how to provide these types of services and all of the latest techniques and technology. Also, be sure to check whether or not the company is adequately licensed and insured in case of any mishaps. A good company will normally offer to come out to your home or business and give you an estimate regarding the price of the project as well as the estimated time to completion. Be sure to ask any questions you may have while they are on site to give you your estimate. You should also inquire as to any additional cost that could potentially arise so that you can be prepared in case of any setbacks.

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The preceding article emphasizes using a company that employs trained personnel for your repipe or repair for your sewer line. We know the importance of taking care that structures and landscaping are not destroyed in the process. Henco Plumbing Services, LLC recently completed a full sewer replacement for a home in Vancouver, Washington. Here’s an image, below, that shows just some of the work necessary to correctly perform this service.

Sewer line repipe and replacement installation by Henco Plumbing Services

Notice the clean trench that was required for this replacement. We use a backhoe to make the pipe trench as small as possible, while ensuring proper depth for the pipe installation.

What causes sewer backups that can be so damaging? The staff at The Plumbing Info consumer information site discuss the three main problems causing sewer issues in the article below. We’ve included the first cause: clogs, here. If you are interested in reading the entire article, click on the link at the end of the excerpt. There are some quick fixes available, too. Most often clogs simply require some cleaning. However, a clogged sewer can also be related to a break in the sewer line.

3 Common Sewer Backup Causes

A sewer backup is never a fun thing to deal with. Not only are they messy, but there is also a multitude of different sewer backup causes that you will have to consider. This article is going to explore three of the most common sewer backup causes. It is also going to offer some inexpensive, quick fix options that can clear most blockages at home.
#1. Clogs
One of the most common sewer backup causes by far is clogs. Clogs are the result of a type of material causing a blockage in one of your drain pipes within your house. They generally develop over time and have a variety of different causes.
Some of the most common causes of clogs include:
Hardened grease.
Baby wipes.
Small toys (Legos and small action figures are prime examples).
Dental floss.
Cotton swabs.
One of the first signs of a clog is when your drain begins working very slowly. However, some clogs that are caused by things like small toys and non-flushable baby wipes may cause a sudden and complete blockage.

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As you can see, there are several reasons for a clogged sewer line that results in a backup. If you have a clogged sewer, try the home remedies first, however, if the problem does not resolve right away, you need professional help. Continuing to pour drain cleaner down the drain could simply result in more chemicals pooling in a break area, complicating pre or post repair work.

Also, tree roots and broken sewer lines are two major reasons for sewer line clogs. Often, the tree causing the sewer clog needs to be removed before the sewer line can be repaired or replaced. Sewer lines sometimes break because the pipe is old, or shifts in the ground cause the pipe to burst.

If you have a sewer line problem, whether a clog or a suspected sewer line break, contact Henco Plumbing Services, LLC, at 360-773-8039 as soon as possible and we will set up an appointment to examine your sewer line as soon as possible.

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