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Who To Call For Sewer Line Scope Services?

Of course you want to call Henco Plumbing Services at 360-773-8039 when you need sewer scope services. Henco Plumbing Services has several years experience and expertise with sewer pipe inspection, analysis, and replacement (also known as repipe services).  Sewer line scoping requires modern equipment to correctly view all the issues that could have an impact on your sewer line. And – yes! We have all the necessary tools and we use them every day to inspect sewers in the Vancouver WA area with our sewer scoping equipment.

If your sewer line is broken or requires hydro jetting services to remove major debris – NOTE: We now offer 100% Financing on all major repipe projects.

Here’s some advice from  StollWerck Plumbing and Sewer on how to go about finding a sewer line plumbing contractor.  We certainly agree, your plumbing company definitely needs to be licensed and insured.   Henco Plumbing Services is licensed in Washington state and we have plenty of insurance.

What To Look For In A Sewer Line Plumber

When you want to protect your home, it pays to hire a plumbing company that has commercial licensing for plumbing. This means homeowners and rental property owners can allow us to operate at any level, with no limitations, and must have a higher level of skill than the average home plumber.

And you want to make sure all of the plumbers working on your home are fully licensed and insured plumbers. Oddly enough, this makes us special within the sewer plumbing industry.

We protect our customers one step further and are insured above state mandates. This enables us to work in places others cannot and with the highest level of protection for work we do for our clients.

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Curious about how a sewer scope services actually works; well here’s information from our friends at the Garvin Sewer Service.  Sending the scope down the sewer pipe can be a tricky situation, so we are very careful with the equipment.  It’s also very important that you get the right information and “diagnosis” for what might be happening in your sewer system.

A cable with a sewer camera on the end is fed into the sewer line. The video feed is recorded onto a DVD for you to watch in the comfort of your own home. While watching it, there are 4 things to keep an eye on.

  1. Roots – It’s normal for roots to grow into a sewer line while searching for nutrients. It’s also normal for people to assume that, when they see roots in the line, it means the entire line needs to be replaced. This isn’t true, and there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars unless it’s necessary. By performing sewer cleaning the problem is usually resolved.
  2. Bellies – Remember that the lens of the camera is very small, and it makes things look bigger than they actually are. A “belly” or small dip in the line, might look terrible. There are numerous sewer lines with low spots that have been maintained for years.
  3. Joints – Sometimes people confuse the joints in sewer lines for breaks. Joints look man-made. They’re smooth and occur at regular intervals. However, roots can penetrate lines at the joints.
  4. Breaks – A break in the line will look jagged, and you’ll usually see a pool of mud and/or debris. Holes also may be visible in the pipe.

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Video: What is Sewer Scoping?


The team at Feltners Sewer and Drain Services has the right idea about using a quality sewer camera.  We make certain our equipment is always up to date and our camera is an important part of making certain we get the best information to you about your sewer line.

A sewer inspection with video is almost always preferable because it can find the exact cause of the problem a lot faster than other methods. Video inspections are a great way to get a lot of information about the issue as quickly as possible, whether it is a clog, tree root invasion, a broken pipe, corrosion or more.

Video inspections can be performed in a matter of minutes, while other types of inspection can take several hours, costing the homeowner or the business owner a lot more than necessary. As a result, it’s worth it for homeowners and business owners to work with a company that has video sewer inspection equipment.Because of the nature of video inspection, this allows our experts to catch problems in sewer and drain lines early on.

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If you need  sewer scope services, call us at 360-773-8039 for an appointment to inspect your sewer pipes with our sewer scoping service.

If we find damage that requires repairs or repipe, we’ll give you a very accurate quote for services, then repipe (replace and repair) your plumbing bringing it back to like new condition. We also provide you with a 100% Workmanship Guarantee. We are licensed and insured and all our on the job technicians are certified Journeyman plumbers. We offer the best quality materials for pipe replacement services and are extremely reliable. We will work with you to minimize the disruption in your life by scheduling our major workloads accordingly.

NOTE: We now offer 100% Financing on all major repipe projects.

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