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Our November Press Release

November 13, 2019: Henco Plumbing Services, based in Vancouver, Washington, has announced that they are now offering trenchless plumbing repair in Vancouver Washington and neighboring areas. The company utilizes the Nu-Flow system, which is designed for pipe repair, pipe renewal, and trenchless sewer repair. Nu-Flow offers the least disruptive trenchless pipelining and cure-in-place pipe lining solutions. The company is a licensed Nu-Flow installer and applies the latest technology to serve the plumbing repair needs of homes, businesses, and commercial buildings in the city of Vancouver, Washington and Clark County, Washington.

Owen Hendrickson, owner of Henco Plumbing Services, says, “We are now offering state of the art technology for repairing and replacing broken sewer lines for homeowners and commercial property owners in the Vancouver Washington area and Clark County Washington. We can now provide customers with a trenchless plumbing pipe repair technique to fix broken sewer pipes with the Nu Flow plumbing repair system. The trenchless system reduces the disruption to property with a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. We recommend customers call for an inspection and a free quote for services so we can properly analyze their situation before we start the project. We are providing a 10 Year Warranty for all projects using the Nu Flow trenchless technology.”

The CIPP restoration process is an efficient and economical alternative to the conventional pipe system replacement. The CIPP lining technology allows the plumbers from Henco Plumbing Services to restore aged and corroded piping systems and transform them into a “better than new” condition without having to remove them. An epoxy liner is installed inside the pipes and this seals and protects the system from further deterioration with the result that the life of the piping system is dramatically extended. This CIPP lining process can be utilized for a wide range of piping materials, including concrete, clay, iron, steel, metal, PVC, and fiberglass.

The Nu-Flow pull-in-place structural liner procedure is a patented, non-destructive technique that permits the people occupying the building to go on with their daily activities while the pipe repair is going on. This has the advantage of avoiding business closure or displacement and minimization of pipe system down time.

For trenchless sewer repairs, Henco Plumbing Services also utilizes the patented Nu Flow trenchless lining system for repairing sewer pipes for those situations when this technique will work best. It requires double-entry access to be able to pull an epoxy-saturated felt liner with an internal bladder inside the host pipe. Next, the bladder is inflated in place and later on removed. This will leave in place a smooth jointless new pipe within the host pipe. With this technique, there would be no need to dig out the entire sewer pipe system, thus saving time and money. This system has been observed to work well with the main and lateral sewer lines of residential and commercial buildings, including chemical and processed piping.

Henco Plumbing Services may also use directional drilling as one of the methods for trenchless sewer and water pipe replacement. This method allows them to drill through all kinds of soil and rock without having to dig out landscaping, patios, and other parts of the yard. This is an environment-friendly method that avoids causing unsightly damage to the yard just to fix a pipe. Obviously, this is preferred by many homeowners and property owners.

Another one of the innovative techniques used by Henco Plumbing Services for trenchless pipe replacement is pipe bursting. In this technique, they run a polyethylene pipe through the damaged pipe using a powerful pulling machine. This machine is so powerful that it breaks the old pipe as it goes. This can be done through holes that have been dug on both sides of the damaged pipe section with little to no impact on the property. And once the polyethylene pipe is in position, an electrical current is utilized to fuse the sections into a solid, seamless pipe that is capable of withstanding lots of abrasion and chemical and microbiological corrosion.

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