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How Water Heaters Will Affect Your Bills In The Future

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Your Home Water Heater May Soon Double As A Battery

New research suggests that in the future, one of the most lowly, boring, and ubiquitous of home appliances — the electric water heater — could come to perform a surprising array of new functions that help out the power grid, and potentially even save money on home electricity bills to boot.

The idea is that these water heaters in the future will increasingly become “grid interactive,” communicating with local utilities or other coordinating entities, and thereby providing services to the larger grid by modulating their energy use, or heating water at different times of the day. And these services may be valuable enough that their owners could even be compensated for them by their utility companies or other third-party entities.

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Choose The Right Water Heater

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Choosing the Right Water Heater What Should You Look For In A New Water Heater?

Those long hot showers are suddenly getting quicker and colder. What’s going on? You have the hot knob turned all the way up, but you’re still not feeling a difference. If the hot water is kind of lukewarm, or not remotely warm at all, it’s more than likely that something is wrong with your hot water heater.

Even though the loss of your hot water is a noticeable sign that your water heater is need of replacement, it’s not the only symptom of a problem. A water heater that is constantly leaking (even though you’ve had it repaired more than once), is over 12 years old (if it’s the traditional tank type) or works erratically may need a replacement.

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Video: 5 Best Water Heater 2017 | Best Water Heater For Home

The 3 Types OF Water Heaters

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Water Heaters Explained By Your Friends At Griffin Plumbing

The Dating Game was always fun to watch because we knew more than the person asking the questions. A bad choice on The Dating Game led to a lackluster date and 15 minutes of fame, but choosing the wrong water heater can lead to a decade of unnecessary hassle.

Having installed just about every brand of water heater on the market, we’ve settled on Bradford White as our recommended brand of choice because we’ve found them to be a superior product, plus they’re made right here in America. And so, without further adieu, let’s meet our bachelors!

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