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Do I Need Water Heater Repair Or Installation?

Having water heater problems? Dealing with a broken or poorly operating water heater can be frustrating and expensive. You may be using more energy in your home or commercial building due to an inefficient water heater. Henco Plumbing Services of Vancouver WA specializes in water heater repair and water heater installation. We can help you decide on what is the best way to take care of a broken water heater. Call us at (360)773-8039 for an appointment to inspect your water heater.

How To Fix a Water Heater, Or Install a New One

On average, a water heater lasts 8 to 12 years. Maybe even more than that if you’ve got a really good appliance on your hands. But as it nears the end of its lifespan, no matter how good it is, it gets cranky. The morning shower isn’t as warm or the warm water doesn’t last as long. Sometimes a repair can increase the appliance’s lifespan and in other cases the cost of repair is so high, that it’s time for a replacement. But how do you know which is which?

Should I get it fixed?

A rule of thumb is that you can recapture the cost of the repair if the problems occurs well outside that 8 to 12 year lifespan. If, say, you need a new burner kit and the water heater is five years old, then it makes sense for you to spend the $120 for the part, especially if you can do the work yourself. The closer the appliance is to that 8 to 12-year limit, the more doubtful the economics of a repair becomes. The reason is that some other part on the appliance will go or its tank will leak. And there’s no cure for a leaking tank.

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Time to Replace That Old Water Heater?

Your water heater will last several years as the previous article pointed out. However, once your water heater reaches a certain point of inefficiency, it is definitely time to replace it. We can install a highly efficient and cost effective hot water heater for you, either a residential water heater for your home or a commercial water heater for your business. Contact us at Henco Plumbing Services of Vancouver WA at (360)773-8039 today.

When to Replace a Water Heater

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your water heater, and some repairs, such as replacing a pressure-relief valve or heating element are pretty simple. However, if you have a leak, if your water heater is older than 8-12 years, or you just wish to upgrade and cut your energy expense, it is time for a new heater. Follow our tips to troubleshoot your gas or electric water heater issues and learn how long a water heater should last.

Based on the manufacturer’s suggested service life, the life expectancy of a water heater is about 8 to 12 years. That varies with the location and design of the unit, quality of installation, maintenance schedule and water quality.

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, leaks around the base of the tank, and / or works erratically or not at all, it’s probably time for replacement. However, before you begin the replacement process, make sure that an electrical problem, such as a blown fuse or tripped breaker, is not the reason for the unit’s failure.

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Here Is The Henco Plumbing Team At Work At A Vancouver WA Customer’s Home

They’re not working on a water heater, but they are working hard!

The 5 Main Types of Water Heaters Explained in Detail

If you’re in the market for a new water heater, you may not exactly know what you’re looking for.

Of course, a water heater isn’t something you go out and buy every day and some people may only need to purchase one or two in their entire lifetime.

So, there’s no shame in not knowing anything about heating systems until, of course, you need to know. Worse still there are many different types on the market, such as electric water heaters, solar water heaters, on-demand water heaters, conventional water heaters, storage tank water heaters, gas heaters, tankless systems for heating water, and high-efficiency water heaters.

If you are looking to buy a new water heater for your home and wondering what your options are, then you have found the right place.

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Water Heater Repair + Water Heater Installation In Vancouver WA

Henco Plumbing Services is licensed, experienced, and has the right equipment and personnel for your water heater repair or water heater replacement. Our dispatchers are waiting for your call at (360)773-8039 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make every effort to provide you with affordable and prompt services so your water heater will last for many years.

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